Nintendo Suffers Another Major Data Leak in Switch Console


Reports are circulating that Japanese video game company Nintendo has suffered another data leak involving the development of the Switch console and other security documents.

This is considered the third major breach that happened this year, following the hacking incident in February and the 140,000 compromised Nintendo accounts. This time, the latest data dump emerged on a 4chan forum and circulated within the dark web, containing files and documents.


Nintendo historian Forest of Illusion confirmed the leak but said this incident will not directly affect the final machine or console. This means the leak isn’t damaging and only details some information or an early prototype of the 2014 Switch console.

Nintendo Data Leak in Switch Console

Regardless, the circulating files are considered the property of Nintendo, revealing information on the console. Forest of Illusion stated that the Japanese video game company won’t be happy that all these files are out in the open.


“More stuff leaked just now. Switch private keys and many documents. One document reveals the Switch’s design in 2014 and it is eerily similar to that one hoax that was floating around and got traction years back,” said Forest of Illusion in a Tweet.

Meanwhile, there’s also a possibility that the leaked information can be used to produce new game cartridges for the console. Forest of Illusion said Nintendo could not fix the issue without making all Switch games unusable.

Luckily, the documents didn’t reveal anything related to the keys for the final console—just the prototype. Some details on the initial development plans for the Switch circulated, highlighting the support for Streetpass, Pedometer, and Spotpass.

These details simply provide information on how Nintendo could’ve launched an almost similar copy of the previous consoles. The company considered the idea of making the Switch dual-screen, similar to the Nintendo 3DS.

Another Twitter user called Kaitlyn Molinas provided inputs on the Nintendo data breach, highlighting a similarity on the WiiU Gamepad.

“This device would be able to broadcast video through Miracast, meaning that, potentially, this concept would be for a portable console that does not dock into a television, instead, displaying video to a TV wirelessly,” said Molinas in a Tweet.

Additionally, the leaked data also contained information on Nintendo’s plan to hire a hacker from 3DS homebrew to assemble a PR plan to deal with the public reaction. The company formulated a plan to ‘convince’ the hacker to join and fly him to Japan and meet the engineering team.

Other files leaked contained internal documentation on GameCube, Nintendo 64, Wii, and China-only iQue.