NoScript extension for Firefox Quantum to be released later this week

Posted 15 November 2017 23:12 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

A version of the popular NoScript extension, that is compatible with Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57), has been delayed and will be released later this week.  Yesterday Mozilla launched Firefox Quantum, the largest update to the browser since it was released in 2004. Firefox Quantum only supports WebExtensions instead of Firefox’s traditional extensions.

NoScript is one of the most popular Firefox extensions and its developer, Giorgio Maone, initially hoped to release a WebExtension version of his add-in together with the release of Firefox Quantum yesterday.

Unfortunately there is a delay as Maone explains on his website, “as you probably noticed, yesterday’s today has gone away in most time zones and we’re not ready yet (Murphy law and all) :(But we’re definitely on track for the end of this week,” he writes.

On Twitter he also stated that it might take 2-3 days before the extension is ready. To make up for the additional wait, Maone released two screenshots.


The delay like comes because NoScript 10 is very different from its predecessor, as Maone writes, “NoScript 10 is very different from 5.x: some things are simpler, some things are improved, some are still missing and need to wait for WebExtensions APIs not available yet in Firefox 57.”

Users who don’t want to browse the web without NoScript shouldn’t upgrade to Firefox Quantum yet and wait till NoScript 10 is released. The 5.x version will be supported till June 2018 at least. Users who do want to upgrade to Firefox Quantum but feel unsafe with NoScript, can disable Javascript in the about:config settings.

With about 1,700,000 users, NoScript is one of the most popular Firefox extensions. It blocks all kinds of scripts on websites so they don’t show advertisements and don’t track users.

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