Nvidia Unveils Omniverse Enterprise For 3D Design Collaboration and Simulation

At GTC 2021, Nvidia introduced the Omniverse Enterprise, a new platform that allows global 3D designers to work and collaborate in real-time in a shared virtual environment using several software suites on any device.

Millions of freelancers use various 3D kits for modeling, painting, and other tasks, according to Richard Kerries, Nvidia’s Media and Entertainment General Manager. Even when they are operating on their own, they are often required to export and import data through several applications.

“Now omniverse helps change that paradigm by putting those applications live on the platform so they can just go between them and that’s a huge game-changer for them. You can think of USD as the HTML of 3D, think of Omniverse as the browser for that HTML of 3D,” Kerries said.

Nvidia Unveils Omniverse Enterprise For 3D Design

Individuals would also be able to download and use a free version of Omniverse, however, the company is focusing on the collaboration factor attracting consumers that want a premium version.

“Real-time interoperability between the applications, it really alleviates the IT challenges by making scalable deployment across organisations of any scale, in any size, and it allows for physically accurate simulation, or true to reality simulation — so you can be all around the world visualising a building, and looking at sun studies and weather and things like that,” Kerris said.

Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) model is used to create the software. The connectors with Adobe, Bentley Systems, Autodesk, Blender, Epic Games, and ESRI applications enable the software to operate through multiple formats.

Omniverse Create for scene composition, Omniverse View for visualization, RTX virtual workstation, the Nucleus management server and connectors, and a toolkit for creating applications to broaden the platform, are all included with the subscription.

Jensen Huan, Nvidia’s Founder and CEO, said, “Every few decades, technologies converge to enable a whole new thing — Omniverse is such an invention.”

“Building on Nvidia’s entire body of work, Omniverse lets us create and simulate shared virtual 3D worlds that obey the laws of physics. The immediate applications of Omniverse are incredible, from connecting design teams for remote collaboration to simulating digital twins of factories and robots,” he added.

The company reported that it had nearly 17,000 beta users in three months. It also had worked with 400 firms on Omniverse over the last two years since releasing the beta. The availability of the Omniverse Enterprise will begin in the summer of the Northern Hemisphere.