Older Hollywood blockbusters can now be watched on YouTube for free

Posted 19 November 2018 16:06 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

YouTube has started to offer some older Hollywood movies for free. Amongst them are some very popular titles. To view the movies, no special subscription is required. Currently the movies are only available in the United States and the movies are free to watch because they are interrupted by commercial breaks.

Unlike the YouTube premium subscriptions, which allows users to watch videos and listen to music without any commercial breaks, the new service is ad-supported.

YouTube has added a “Free to Watch” section on its Movies and Shows category from where users can stream movies like  Legally Blonde, The Terminator, Rocky, Hackers, and All Dogs Go to Heaven. The movies that are free to watch, but which contain commercial breaks, are marked by a  “Free with Ads” tag displayed under the title.

According to USAToday,  YouTube has a deal with MGM Studios for the free movies.

Currently YouTube has 99 movies that can be watched at no cost but with commercial breaks. The commercial interruptions and pop-up banner ads are like the ones displayed on all kinds of other YouTube videos.

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