OnePlus 2 smartphone found to be sold with malware installed

One of the largest Israeli online retailers has sold the OnePlus 2 smartphone with malware. Also in the United States a webstore sold infected devices, according to Geektime. The new flagship phone from the Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus is normally sold through ‘invites’.


Apparently some online stores were able to get the phones from a third party and now sell them on their website. This offers consumers without an invite to obtain a OnePlus 2. When buying without invites extra caution is advised, as on some of them malware has been discovered.

Two malicious apps which are not on the regular OnePlus 2 were found on the infected devices and the browser of the phones was set to manipulate search queries. The infected phones were sold by KSP, one of Israel largest online retailers.


KSP has told Geektime is didn’t acquire the smartphones from an official distributer but from a not mentioned third party. The webstore now no longer sells the infected phones and will inform users on how to install a new fresh version of Oxygen OS, the Android based operating system that powers the OnePlus 2 phones.

OnePlus has released a statement advising users to only purchase the OnePlus 2 phone from official channels or else risk that they buy an infected devicePlk