Optus And McAfee Partner For New WiFi Security Service

Optus, an Australian telecommunications firm, has announced its latest security service in collaboration with McAfee, the global security provider. The company said that the devices linked to home or company modems will be automatically protected.

The service, known as Optus WiFi Secure, involves monitoring malicious sites that may contain malware, preventing them from obtaining entry to both the connected devices and the connected WiFi network.

Integrated into Optus modems, the service examines the security of all internet traffic that travels via the modem to any user’s device connected to the network.

Optus New WiFi Security Service

According to the telecommunications company, anything from smart devices, security cameras, and baby monitors to home security systems falls into the service category.

The average Australian home now has more connected technological devices than before. The use of digital gadgets for work, education, social, and entertainment purposes has been increasing. The degree of comfort they provide becomes more significant in this present time.

On the other hand, it also means that there are more points of entry for bugs and threats within the household or businesses. This part is where Optus WiFi Secure feature steps in.

Matt Williams, Managing Director of Marketing and Revenue of Optus, said “As part of our vision to be Australia’s most loved, everyday brand, we believe it’s our responsibility to assist our customers to maintain a sense of security when connecting online through our network,”

The company wants to offer services to protect their customer’s personal information and passwords when using their home or company WiFi network.

“In light of this, we are thrilled to be partnering with McAfee, a highly trusted organization within the cyber protection space to ensure our customers are being taken care of by the very best in the business,” the company said.

The security service is open to all existing and new subscribers of the Optus Family Internet Plan. Customers get the service for free while an additional $5 a month is charged on selected plans of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

The router system is linked to the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Cloud Network. It is reported that no personal data will be obtained.

Optus and McAfee have already worked together previously. In May, Optus included McAfee’s Safe Family app in its Optus Family Plan. It includes functionalities such as parental controls for managing screen time, monitoring and blocking apps and websites, and tracking device location.