ORock Technologies Tandems with HPE for Cloud Storage


In partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), cloud solutions firm ORock Technologies unveiled a cutting-edge storage system that doesn’t require data engrees fees.

Virginia-based company ORock Technologies announced a suite of cloud storage as a service solution to provide reliable and high-functioning systems that can benefit small to large-scale enterprises. The deployment of the storage solution as-a-Service includes the tech of HPE.


The new storage highlights HPE’s top-tier systems, HPE ProLiant Servers, HPE Apollo Systems, and HPE 3PAR Storage. With simple OPEX-based pricing models, the storage will be cost-effective, much cheaper than hyperscale cloud service products in the market.

ORock Technologies Tandems with HPE

ORock’s OPEX pricing doesn’t charge data ingress or egress to store massive volumes of data. The company said customers could access and use data whenever they need it, without complex cost calculations and budget overruns.


The cloud storage system manages data in a cloud-computing environment, ensuring high-quality security. The ORockCloud IaaS is certified under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program and is approved by the Department of Defense.

ORock’s cloud uses a government-grade platform that is built on HPE’s ProLiant and Apollo servers for the fast integration of data. In addition to storage, the cloud platform has the ability to backup and analyze data, and provide recovery for lost files.

According to the company, the cloud storage seeks to help enterprise customers address hyperscale storage requirements for strengthening data collection and security. ORock also said that the cloud has open-source environments and uses multiple security controls to protect data.

Multi-Cloud Strategies

The introduction of the IaaS cloud is part of ORock’s strategy to entice businesses to upgrade to cheaper storage with a high-functioning system. The company offers Object and Block storage as a service with two variants Hot and Premium.

Each storage type is capable of integrating compute functionality and enables backup, disaster recovery, and analytics. In addition, the system has a replacement of legacy backup tape features, providing a direct backup to the cloud.

Enterprises can replace their existing hyperscale cloud storage and implement multi-cloud strategies for added redundancy. The data of customers are automatically stored and replicated with ORockCloud, securing an IaaS environment with dedicated infrastructure available.

ORock delivers hybrid cloud and IaaS solutions to promote secure, data-compliant operations of enterprises. The company has a private optic backbone network and enterprise-grade open-source cloud feature.