Outdated DRM System Affects Video Game Tron: Evolution


Users who purchased a copy of the video game Tron: Evolution but has not played the game will no longer be able to access it. Vice reported that the expiration of the digital rights management (DRM) system SecurRom caused this issue.

Gamers who have bought the fame but have not tried running the game discovered that they were not able to activate it. Reportedly, players received notifications that their serial key has expired.


Video Game Tron: Evolution

Disney, the game’s publisher, reportedly has not paid to renew its subscription with SecurRom. This led to Disney being no longer able to authenticate copies of the Tron: Evolution that is not yet unlocked.

Moreover, gamers also discovered that activated copies that have been uninstalled became inaccessible after an uninstallation. This is because uninstallation requires de-activation of the serial key.


SecuROM is the DRM software that video gaming companies use to minimize the possibilities of illegal copies. Many key players in the industry have opted to use this software to fight piracy.

However, Vice noted that “the software doesn’t stop pirates entirely.” It is also a source of exasperation for players as “the people most affected by DRM are people who purchase the game legitimately.”

This kind of issue has been apparent in many DRM systems employed in various platforms such as Netflix.

The DRM system has also caused issues to player experience in the past. Many gamers have reported performance issues related to the additional software that runs with their game. With Tron: Evolution, players were no longer able to access the game.

Users of Steam, a game distribution service, got in touch with SecurRom to clarify the matter. Reports say that the best way to address the issue is to request a refund from Disney.

Tron: Evolution has been removed from the Steam store since April. However, users noted that they were still able to install the program without issue until October.

Meanwhile, users have found a workaround to the issue, albeit illegitimately. According to GameRevolution, DRM protection has been cracked for a time now. Owners of the legitimate copy may be compelled to resort to a cracked version just to access the program.

Disney purportedly said that it is currently developing a patch that can help resolve the issue. The media giant has not specified a date for the patch’s release.

Vice reached out to Disney and SecurRom but is yet to receive a reply.