PAC Storage Streamlines Data Storage Solutions With Next-Gen Systems

PAC Storage introduces new data storage enhancements to accelerate the system performance of clients engaged in different industries.

The company announced last Nov. 19 its three powerful enhancements called the Scale-Out NAS systems, Next Generation Controllers, and 32GB FC and 25GbE host boards. According to PAC Storage, these three enhancements provide immense benefits to the database, analytics, virtualization, motion media, file sharing, cloud data integration, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

“With this [data storage] solution, we’ve truly hit it out of the park. The new Scale-Out version of NAS is an outstanding and innovative alternative for our Isilon customers looking for a scale-out environment that’s simple to administer and easy on their budget,” said PAC CEO Rick Crane.

PAC Storage seeks solutions out of the box, adding efficiency to its new line of storage products. The Scale-Out NAS Systems has line support of 100+ Gbps performance and scaling up to 100 PB capacity. When joined with Next Generation Controllers, it allows a double controller cache to 512GBs.


The new systems boost the performance of databases and cloud data integration by more than 80 percent. It also promotes a response time of fewer than 0.35 milliseconds and has a write speed of 10,000/5,500 MBs.

PAC Storage Streamlines Data Storage Solutions

Boxx Technology Merger

The three new enhancements were part of the technology developed by the merger of PAC Data Storage and Boxx Technology. The merger happened earlier this year, with the move to improve storage systems of Boxx Tech.

According to Boxx CEO Rick Krause, “There’s an explosion in the amount of data being consumed by our key consumers. In fact, storage is the fastest growing area of the market segments we serve, so by joining forces with Rick Crane and Dave Holloway, the longtime, successful, senior PAC management and their excellent team, we’ll offer a complete portfolio of world-class storage solutions.”

PAC has extensive expertise in SAN, NAS, and backup solutions. The company has leading storage hardware and software that can assist consumers with data storage. Even before the launch of the three new products, the company already provides cutting-edge storage solutions to PAC data clients.


The merger with Boxx Technology allows PAC to deliver premier multi-GPU servers for deep learning infrastructure. Boxx, on its own, is a reliable brand that has effective hardware solutions for animation, motion media productions, and VFX.

PAC Storage is based in California and is an authorize innovator for VARs and OEMs.