That’s Write! 99 minutes CD-Rs
Posted at 30 March 2000 04:25 CET

Submitted by: Taz Source: That’s Write! is launching the Worlds First 99 minutes CD-Recordable disc. Now you can copy every game, CD, software, without worrying about if it fits or not. Our Asian-market is being supplied as of today, then followed by Europe and America. — P.S.: Once in a german magazine there was […]

Yahoo and piracy ?
Posted at 29 March 2000 15:21 CET

Submitted by: arnesr Source: Yahoo Game Companies Sue Yahoo! Tuesday, in what is the first online retailer lawsuit brought forth from the games industry, Nintendo of America, Sega of America, and Electronic Arts filed a joint action against Yahoo! for the sale of illegal and counterfeit video game products. The companies cooperatively seek an injunction […]

Free Beos – Standard supports CD burning
Posted at 28 March 2000 18:10 CET

Beos has released their free Operating System (OS) today. More information can be found here. For CD Freaks visitors it may also be very intresting: MP3 decoding is now built into the guts of BeOS 5 via the mp3 codec. Play MP3 files in MediaPlayer or any application using the BeOS translator kit (and if […]

Posted at 28 March 2000 17:35 CET

Source: TZCopyprotection This is a new Copy Protection that work with Steps and is FREEWARE Step One Secret Step This step modify the structure of CD in several ways to Protect against the most popular CD-R programs Step Two Second Data Track This step add 4 audio tracks and allow to you put files in […]

Teenager got Bill Gates’ credit-card
Posted at 28 March 2000 16:45 CET

Submitted by: Phoenix “A teenager arrested in Wales for allegedly hacking into e-commerce Web sites obtained the credit card details of Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft and the world’s richest man, newspapers reported today. Raphael Gray, 18, was arrested Friday for Internet fraud after a joint operation between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Welsh […]

CloneCD released
Posted at 28 March 2000 13:17 CET

And another release of Elaborate Bytes. CloneCD new features: – Finally added support for reading and writing of CD-Text. – FAQ updated. Compatibility fixes: – Added Warning in Device Scan, if CD-Writer is not supported – Added Warning in Device Scan, if CD-Writer does not allow writing of 96 Bytes SubChannel Data (CD-Text, CD+G) […]

Funprice site second largest !
Posted at 28 March 2000 04:32 CET

Our very loyal sponsor for almost one year now, FunPrice, is the second largest Dutch E-Commerce site of the Netherlands. We’d love to put them on the first place, will you help us ?

Napster sucks, IRC rulez…
Posted at 28 March 2000 04:15 CET

Submitted by: Gamefreak_cd_copy Source:,1284,35141,00. Forget Napster; IRC’s the Place ============================== Napster may be the focus of venom and legal briefs by the recording industry, but it still pales in comparison to Internet Relay Chat for MP3 junkies. When it comes down to massive collections and diversity of choices, DALnet ( is MP3 heaven. DALnet […]

De Vos & Partners – II
Posted at 27 March 2000 03:42 CET

Related: Today we received mail from another dealer that got mail from De Vos & Partners (Dutch lawyers or a funny guy, we still don’t know). This time it’s another mail then the previous one ! And again with a spelling mistake (infringments, should be: infringements). Maybe they couldn’t pay for a MS word […]

Sony Playstation 2 DVD to Video hack
Posted at 26 March 2000 04:15 CET

Submitted by: Not long after the fist DVD issue with the Playstation2, which allowed users to subvert the geographical code for DVD video disks a second DVD copying ‘backdoor’ has been discovered in the Playstation2. This time, fans have discovered a way to exploit the game console’s analog RGB output to illegally copy DVD […]

Protection detector standalone release
Posted at 25 March 2000 15:21 CET

As our previous copy protection detector was a big success, I decided to continue working on it, as it was – you might have noticed that – very, very buggy. This new version is a standalone version and does not require Internet Explorer, just run the setup. These are the new features: – Now detects […]

Gnutella with firewall !
Posted at 25 March 2000 12:20 CET

Gnutella, a new tool for exchanging files, can now also be used for people behind firewalls. Using your proxy you can go to: and click on I don’t have Gnutella. Then you will be able to do a search on the Gnutella network and then download the files using your browser !

Fireburner v1.06 with MP3 support
Posted at 25 March 2000 03:11 CET

Submitted by: vampire-x Source: Fireburner 1.06 is out. Now with MP3 decoding on the fly using some lame xaudio…

New version of DVD Genie
Posted at 24 March 2000 22:54 CET

DVD Genie allows you to modify the region code for popular software-based DVD players such as Software Cinemaster, PowerDVD and WinDVD, and others. It also allows you to tweak these programs with undocumented features to better fit your system. The new version has language support for the user interface, detection of the newer ATI players, […]

CdrWIn 3.8a released
Posted at 23 March 2000 16:23 CET

After 10039384874 beta versions cdrwin 3.8a has now finally been released. What’s new in version 3.8? Support for many new recorders has been added. Please see Supported Devices for a complete list of new recorder models. Surprise feature… MP3 file support!! You can now record MP3 files directly to an audio disc without converting them […]

Napster, Wrapster, what’s next ?
Posted at 23 March 2000 13:59 CET

And again news out of the world of trading files, Wrapster. This new tool, is actually a hack of Napster. I tried it, but I still prefer Gnutella, but if you want to know more about it, just read on. Wrapster hacks Napster by using a method to – convert – normal files to MP3 […]

DivX: New threat to DVD
Posted at 23 March 2000 13:35 CET

Some of you may already heard of it, DivX. It is already called as the MP3 of the DVD industry. DivX can, if the ripper did a good job, put about 100 minutes of good quality video on a CD-R. More information on the DivX codec can be found at: Betanews writes this: A […]

Cracked Adaptec ASPI drivers
Posted at 22 March 2000 15:14 CET

Submitted by: -[MiNK!]- – Source: Hi! I just wanted to say I just set up a page with the newest Adaptec aspi drivers on them, cracked so that EVERYONE can update their drivers without the need for adaptec soft or hardware. Please tell people to maybe mirror it on as many places as […]

Apex AD-600A DVD player info site
Posted at 22 March 2000 15:03 CET

Submitted by: arnesr – Source: On this site you can find ‘secret’ info on this stand-alone DVD/VCD/MP3 player. This page was created (very quickly, I might add) as a central location for collecting information discussion about the Apex AD-600A DVD player. Why is this DVD player special? As first noted on Ars Technica (, […]

Florida software pirate sent to jail
Posted at 22 March 2000 14:58 CET

Submitted by: arnesr – Source: The Register A Florida man has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail for trafficking in counterfeit software, after he was caught with just $52,000 of bootlegged product in his possession. The Business Software Alliance hails the Florida State Circuit Court’s tough stance – which is not altogehter so surprising […]

Clone CD v2.0.3.2 update
Posted at 22 March 2000 14:48 CET

Submitted by: The Rock – Source: And again a new version of CloneCD. This time there are more new features then the last time: New features: Added option to use Drive Letter Identification instead of driver names (Windows 2000 only) Added command line options, so other programs like “Copy Protection Detection” can pass settings […]

SB LiveWare for Win2K released
Posted at 22 March 2000 14:42 CET

Submitted by: Lasher – Source: Available for download is the Windows 2000 version of SoundBlaster LiveWare.

More Gnutella information
Posted at 21 March 2000 02:35 CET

I was very interested in the Gnutella program, so I decided to look around for some information. Once I downloaded the file from MP3-Tip (a Dutch site) a whole new world opened for me. The bad thing is that I am stuck behind a firewall, so to me the whole thing was a disappointment, I […]

Nero 4091 Update available for download
Posted at 21 March 2000 02:33 CET

Ruff-Next_GanGsta used our submit form to tell us that the Nero 4091 Update can be downloaded from Notice that this version has not been officially released yet as Ahead doesn’t notice it on their page

MamBox due to release on April 10
Posted at 20 March 2000 13:34 CET

Submitted by: Phizor – Source: Mambox Topic says it all. And for those who missed out on this…here are some quick specs: – Play both MP3 music CDs and regular Audio CDs – CD-R and CD-RW compatibility for lower recording costs – Search and playlist capabilty with Infared Control – 12 hours of music on […]