More Gnutella information
Posted at 21 March 2000 02:35 CET

I was very interested in the Gnutella program, so I decided to look around for some information. Once I downloaded the file from MP3-Tip (a Dutch site) a whole new world opened for me. The bad thing is that I am stuck behind a firewall, so to me the whole thing was a disappointment, I […]

Nero 4091 Update available for download
Posted at 21 March 2000 02:33 CET

Ruff-Next_GanGsta used our submit form to tell us that the Nero 4091 Update can be downloaded from Notice that this version has not been officially released yet as Ahead doesn’t notice it on their page

MamBox due to release on April 10
Posted at 20 March 2000 13:34 CET

Submitted by: Phizor – Source: Mambox Topic says it all. And for those who missed out on this…here are some quick specs: – Play both MP3 music CDs and regular Audio CDs – CD-R and CD-RW compatibility for lower recording costs – Search and playlist capabilty with Infared Control – 12 hours of music on […]

PSX2; regio free DVD player
Posted at 20 March 2000 12:30 CET

Gamefreak_cd_copy used our news submit form to report: source:,1367,35017,00 Another PlayStation2 Flaw TOKYO — Japanese electronics giant Sony Corp. faced fresh embarrassment on Friday when its new, hugely hyped PlayStation2 game console revealed another flaw, sending its share price sliding. Sony’s gamemaking unit, Sony Computer Entertainment, said it had found users of PS2 — […]

Gnutella still available on the web !
Posted at 19 March 2000 12:01 CET

Although AOL cancelled Gnutella, some people already got their hands on it, and some of those have put the program on the web. One of the sites that we found in the reactions that were posted below our previous posting about Gnutella, is MP3Tips It is in Dutch and contains good and clear information about […]

CloneCD released
Posted at 16 March 2000 19:22 CET

And again a new version of CloneCD This time the only new feature is: Added option to enable or disable Auto Insert Notification (Windows 2000 only) That’s not much and it seems that the author uses the strategy to implent more options, and then blacklist posted serials. It seems that the author also can’t track […]

CloneCD humor !
Posted at 16 March 2000 15:33 CET

The author of CloneCD, Oliver Kastl, has proven to have some humor. He seems to understand that there is no way to protect software against piracy, but he gives a signal to those who use his software for free. This is what happens when you use a wrong serial with CloneCD Thanks to Wild […]

Mobile phones blamed for DVD-ROM drought
Posted at 16 March 2000 15:23 CET

arnesr used our submit form to tell us that: Source: DVD-ROM drives are likely to stay on allocation until summer while the mobile phone industry eats up much-needed components. Soaring demand for Digital Signal Processor (DSP)chips, needed as PC punters rush to switch from CD-ROMs to DVD-ROMs, as well as for mobile phones, is […]

Gnutella cancelled by AOL !
Posted at 16 March 2000 03:33 CET

Delerium used our submit form to report that: AOL, owner of Nullsoft, has forbidden them to continue with Gnutella as we reported about yesterday. The website that gave access to the software has been taken down by AOL. It’s not strange AOL takes this kind of action. When they merge with Time Warner they are […]

Nero 5 won’t be out until mid-april
Posted at 16 March 2000 03:32 CET

Squage used our submit to report: The new version of Nero (nero 5) won’t be out until mid-april. I emailed a tech rep at Ahead, and that’s what he said, so bad news for everyone.Remember, this is version 5, not version

Blade 6 Listing at Hexagon
Posted at 15 March 2000 16:13 CET

Topic says it all, go to Hexagon to get it. Also added: Listings of MTV Braun Eurocharts volume 2 and 3 2000 and Tazmania 29

Clone CD v2.0.2.4 key
Posted at 15 March 2000 14:25 CET

Source: DiViDeZeRo’s CDRPage – submitted by: x-ceed This should be a working key: Name: LOUIS DEVILLE Key: 143242g4ADSDA52I2267GGSD7Q6VW366 A4ASF425FW…………….. find the rest on DiViDeZeRo or better BUY Clone CD !!!!

Napster competitor from Nullsoft
Posted at 15 March 2000 14:16 CET

Source: Webwereld (Dutch) – submitted by @ministr8or New app: “Gnutella” Creator: Nullsoft (Winamp) This new app will be released in a month or so, but it will be a new contestor in mp3-downloading. The prog does the same as Napster, and will also be a look-a-like of iMesh, only then for documents, and html, etc. […]

Microsoft and piracy
Posted at 15 March 2000 12:56 CET

From PRnewswire Microsoft Increases Efforts to Protect Intellectual Property Rights In Washington State Microsoft Works Alongside Law Enforcement to Stop Manufacture and Distribution Of Counterfeit Software in Home State REDMOND, Wash., March 15 /PRNewswire/ — Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT – news) officials today announced that a year after it last mystery-shopped for genuine software in […]

CDRSoft down again – Alternatives here !
Posted at 15 March 2000 12:48 CET

As you maybe already noticed, CDRSoft is down. Probably again some troubles with webhosting (where we also know all about!). Because we are used to get dozens of mail when such a site is down, where to get this and this program, we will post here some url’s that will help you out: Dividezero – […]

Posted at 14 March 2000 17:50 CET

Vampire-x used our news submit form to tell us that Elaborate-Bytes released another version of CloneCD. This time the changes are: Compatibility fixes: CloneCD.vxd changed to reduce memory fragmentation (Windows 95/98 only). Bug fixes: Fixed problem of *.ccd file not created under certain circumstances. New features: Auto Insert Notification is now disabled immediately, if CloneCD […]

Club CD Freaks Chat !
Posted at 14 March 2000 14:27 CET

We have added a chat to the page, that also makes part of Club CD Freaks. Together with the forum you can reach it at

Cracked ASPI drivers
Posted at 14 March 2000 13:06 CET

-[MiNK!]- used the news submit form to report that he has made a site with ASPI4ALL: ASPI4ALL is a site with Adaptec aspi drivers on it, cracked so that EVERYONE can update their drivers without the need for adaptec soft or hardware. The site says: Aspi4all is just a simple cracked version of the standard […]

If you want to e-mail us…
Posted at 13 March 2000 19:24 CET

This posting should actually to the CD Freaks news area (below, all the information about the site), but because of the importance of it, you can find it here. Our [email protected] e-mail address seems not to be working so we’ve put up another address, please use [email protected] for now !

Germany seizes pirated software
Posted at 13 March 2000 14:23 CET

From Cnet FRANKFURT–Airport customs officials here said Monday they had confiscated 2.5 tons of pirate software for Sony video game consoles in their biggest haul of forged software yet. The airport’s customs authority said it had seized 11 crates of CD-ROMS worth almost 10.5 million marks ($5.2 million) last December on a flight from Thailand […]

BSA gets competition ?
Posted at 13 March 2000 03:23 CET

There is a new mail circulating on the web. This mail is sent by a lawyer and has been sent to several people. As far as we could track down this company, the mail is not fake ! at their website you can see that they are into defending copyrights etc. They also registered […]

CoverUniverse adds 2753 audio covers
Posted at 13 March 2000 02:56 CET

Well the topic says it all i guess Enter CoverUniverse here

MP3/DeCSS/Software Piracy Solution
Posted at 11 March 2000 00:26 CET

From PRNewswire, a newly formed Dallas company will be unveiling this week at the SXSW 2000 Film/Interactive/Music Tradeshow in Austin, TX, its patented solution to the widespread problem of MP3, DeCSS, and software piracy occurring on the Internet. will be demonstrating their protected software, known as PlayApps, in the form of book, music, […]

Anonymous freenet – pirates heaven.
Posted at 10 March 2000 12:52 CET

At the moment 12 coders are working on a project Freenet. This new network that uses the internet, should asure the privacy of the user, so the user is not to find. It works like the technology of Napster (a populair platform to exchange MP3’s). The system does not use IP addresses and is programmed […]

CloneCD formats harddrive ?
Posted at 10 March 2000 12:41 CET

We’ve got several e-mails of people that warn us to not use the serials ,as posted some days ago on our forum (Andreas Minge), on the latest CloneCD version. The program will prompt: – You’ve tried to register clone cd with an unstolen serial, click OK to format your hard disk – at the next […]