Windows 2000
Posted at 17 February 2000 20:17 CET

Microsoft announced that Windows 2000 will be protected against piracy in any possible way. They will put holograms on the CD’s and the certificate is said to be more protected then a 100 dollar bill. Microsoft is also searching for sites that illegally sell Windows 2000 (even before it’s release). They are using a new […]

Hardware news
Posted at 20 December 1999 18:11 CET

CD Freaks also brings you the latest hardware news. Today with news about graphic cards, Super SCSI, plasma screens, AMD news, and more ! Check Hardware Freaks now !

Posted at 20 December 1999 17:09 CET

Our friend of CDRSoft is back. After some hosting problems, he has found a new one. CDRSoft is the main free recording software resource on the internet and is one of our affiliates. visit CDRSoft and see for yourself !

BlindRead v3.0.0.8
Posted at 19 December 1999 19:29 CET

Also from CDR Info: There is an updated version of BlindRead available that has some minor corrections. “Cause of crash in case of bad ASPI installation has been removed. Unnecessary CD ejection/ reloading has been removed. ASPI information page has been aded in case of bad ASPI layer..” Download it here.

Sanyo 12 speed recorder
Posted at 19 December 1999 19:27 CET

From CDR Info: Sanyo released their second 12x write, 4x re-write and 32x read speed drive callsed CRD-BP2. It also seems to using the new BURN-Proof technology which all found out from Nero press release.. “..Buffer Under RuN’“Proof, or just plain BURN-Proof, is set to Rewrite all the books on CD Recording by introducing […]

BlindRead v3.0.0.7
Posted at 18 December 1999 17:19 CET

The first commercial version of BlindRead is available on their site. What does BlindRead do? “..BlindRead 3 is a powerful CD Reader software, designed to dump the content of a whole CD in an ISO image file, which can be burned onto a CD. If you have a CD that cannot be read by other […]

DirectX 7.0a available
Posted at 18 December 1999 17:10 CET

From Voodoo Extreme: “The guys and gals over at Microsoft have tossed up the new and improved version of DirectX, DirectX 7A. An important to keep thing to keep in mind is that the DirectInput drivers are the ONLY files updated in this version and they will change to build 0716 when this download is […]

iSONEWS back online
Posted at 17 December 1999 21:16 CET

The iSONEWS site is back online with an updated layout. They implemented a nice feature on the site that will inform you about the amount of releases since your last visit .

Plextor 12 speed CD-R
Posted at 17 December 1999 20:23 CET

From the Plextor website: “..Plextor is expanding its range with the PlexWriter 12/4/32, which writes CD’s at 12-speed, rewrites at 4-speed and reads at 32-speed. Features: 12X Write, 4X ReWrite, 14 to 32X Partial CAV Reader SCSI-3 multi-tasking capabilities (UltraSCSI), Windows 95 and Windows 98 Plug & Play compatible. One year full-warranty (parts, labor, and […]

CD Freaks is back
Posted at 16 December 1999 20:20 CET

As frequent visitors know, this site is hard to get hosted. This means that we have to move the site now and then, since some companies think we damage them and try to get our site closed. Our current webhoster does allow our contents, but the company where he gets his bandwidth from doesn’t. This […]

Links section
Posted at 13 December 1999 19:13 CET

I’ve filled our Links Section up with the latest links. If you know of any other good link which should be in our Links Section then you should fill in the submit form on the Links page…

Clone CD
Posted at 13 December 1999 18:34 CET

Another version of Clone CD has been released. There are a whole bunch of updates… You can check that all out here: If you wish to download the program directly, click here

Console Updates
Posted at 12 December 1999 18:48 CET

Consolefreaks has been updated with some patches: This is football Mulan (PAL) Lego racers I know they are not very new but usefull. Also the PPF2 tool works again.

Our status
Posted at 10 December 1999 20:59 CET

To prevent people from mailing us, here is the status of CD Freaks: Subdomains point to old server and will be changed the next three days, they can be unreachable for some hours. If so, no need to mail us. Crazee, DoMiN8ToR and ZiSE (main editors) can be reached on email addresses: and […]

Nero upgrades
Posted at 10 December 1999 19:09 CET

CloneCD has started a big revolution in the burning scene. This software uses RAW writing what makes it possible to copy CD’s 1 on 1. The guys of Ahead are also busy with this kind of technology. Our affiliate Wild Wide Web has an intresting article of the new features on the future Nero release.

Hexagon Updates
Posted at 10 December 1999 19:00 CET

Hexagon has been updated with the listing of Megapack 19 and with the password of Blade 3. Blade 3, by the way, has been released.

Copy Freaks & Italia…
Posted at 10 December 1999 16:41 CET

We still have some technical server problems, but we think that we will start again this weekend. What you see at the moment on Copy Freaks, Copy Freaks Italia and CD Freaks Italia is just the content of the old server. So, don’t be surprised if some links (especially the downloads) don’t work, and you […]

Posted at 10 December 1999 01:20 CET

Welcome to the new and hopefully improved CD Freaks. As you can see we changed a whole lot ! Make some time free to understand all functions and enjoy the new look and feel. We hope that this makes the site more interactive and more fun to read. We have also changed from server. Some […]

RAW Writing
Posted at 10 December 1999 00:49 CET

The webmaster of Cascade2000 mailed us that he has more information about RAW writing (the method used by CloneCD) Read more on his page !

Posted at 10 December 1999 00:03 CET

CloneCD is out. Thanks to all who mailed this to us, but I waited to post it on the new site New features: – When error reporting was disabled, reading hangs. – Added option to disable bad sector scanner – Added option to disable eject of media – Removed warning message, if a drive […]