Panasonic embraces DivX Plus HD in 3D Blu-ray players

The next generation of 3D Blu-ray players from Panasonic will be the first to support DivX Plus HD, allowing for compressed digital video with lots of extra features.

DivX Plus HD is a format used for high definition video files with the file container Matroska, or .MKV. In addition to supporting H.264 video and AAC surround sound, DivX Plus HD allows for bonus content, subtitles, chapters and multiple languages. Videos in this format will play in 1080p resolution.

Panasonic embraces DivX Plus HD in 3D Blu-ray players

DivX claims that major Hollywood studios are using the format to distribute their movies through the Internet. For instance, Roxio CinemaNOW, a service that provides digital storefronts to Best Buy and Blockbuster, partnered with DivX last year to offer movies in DivX formats. The ability to play these files on a television through a Blu-ray player should come in handy for movie buffs. In addition to supporting DivX Plus HD, the Panasonic 3D Blu-ray players will handle all previous versions of DivX.

Panasonic appears to be the first on board with a Blu-ray player that supports DivX plus HD. During CES 2010, DivX announced that supporting devices are on the way, including Blu-ray players from Philips, but they’ve yet to become available from what I can see. That said, it’s too bad that people who want DivX Plus HD support on their Blu-ray players will have to pay the 3D premium for the time being.

Panasonic will debut DivX Plus HD support in the DMP-BDT300, the company’s first full 3D Blu-ray player with full HD. This player will hit Europe before the end of the month, with Russia and Oceania to follow. No word on a U.S. release, though Panasonic’s Web site does list the player in dollars, at $400.