Panasonic smart TV apps not working due to server outage

Panasonic smart TV owners complain on Twitter that apps like Netflix and Youtube are no longer working due to a server outage. Although users are properly connected to the internet, the TV shows the message ‘Your TV needs an Internet connection for you to enjoy Apps and services’. The issues appear to have started about 20 hours ago and the Japanese electronics giant still hasn’t resolved the issue.

myce-panasonic-smart-tv-not-workingImage credit Christopher Mahon

Although many Tweets concerning the issue are directed to Panasonic, the company is very silent on the issue. Users are also wondering why apps are not working without a central server. Last year also Sony and Samsung smart TV users suffered from downtime due to the server issues. In case of Samsung there was a fire in a data centre which resulted in several days of downtime.

Earlier we posted that Panasonic routes internet traffic of smart TV apps through their own servers. According to the company this is done so “Panasonic can better manage the services that it provides”.