Panoply Gets $10M Boost for Cloud Data Platform

All-in-one cloud data firm Panoply, raised an additional $10 million investment from Ibex Investors and C5 Capital for revolutionizing data analytics stack for warehouses.

Following the additional funding, Panoply’s total amount raised reached $24 million. With its unique data warehouse capabilities and analytics, it has gained a lot of attention from investors.

The company retains its original plan to democratize the data warehousing access and to improve analytics for easy data management. By SQL queries, the company was able to build more code-free data integrations for easier management.

Panoply Cloud Data Platform

Panoply’s platform makes it easier for companies to pull in data from a wide variety of sources, and then analyze for ease in management. With the new funding, the San Francisco-based company can expand its sales and marketing efforts.

CEO and co-founder Yaniv Leven said, “We aspire to make analysts’ lives simpler and more productive by making it easier for them to sync, store, and access their data, and this funding will go a long way toward that vision.”

Democratizing the data creation and management of data infrastructure provides unbelievable perks for not only analysts but also other smaller organizations. The unbound capabilities need no costly engineering efforts, with the use of Panoply’s technology.

Crucial Insights

Any company can benefit from unique data insights and analytics, then use these pieces of information to drive business growth. The upper hand of companies can utilize new ways from the analytics tools, then integrate new plans for their advantage.

Strengthening the business decision is possible with the help of artificial technology and impressive analysis. This innovation provides companies with needed data to proceed with new plans, strategies, and other motives.

Investors also back Panoply’s technology, saying it can help more enterprises in making business decisions, and getting a competitive advantage. C5 Capital Founder André Pienaar said Panoply’s cutting-edge technology can lead the data sector with innovation.

Recently, Panoply was also awarded Easiest Setup, Fastest Implementation, Best Est. ROI, and Easiest to Do Business With, by G2, which is the world’s largest software marketplace.

G2’s award came from its millions of verified users coming from 57,000 software companies.

“When it comes to building ETL and data normalization, the less I have to think about it, and the more trust that it’s working, the better off we are and that’s why Panoply is so essential,” said Healthstream VP Lorenzo Ciacci.

Panoply’s key features in its platform include onboarding and support, automated data warehouse configuration and management, seamless syncing, and analytical tools.