Patriot to phase out SSD products – too much competition

Patriot Memory appears to be phasing out its SSD line up, SSDs of the brand seem not be restocked anymore. The SSD market is very competitive and there are dozens of brands all fighting for their share. With only a handful suppliers of controllers and NAND memory, most SSD vendors end up in competing on price.

Patriot to phase out SSD products - too much competition

This means that those vendors who own factors like  a strong brand name,  a controller developer or a NAND manufacturing plant  will have the largest chance to survive. Vendors that have two or all three factors even have higher chances to grow their market-share and become a major player in the highly competitive SSD market.

While Patriot is an established brand name for memory, it never got a really strong name as SSD supplier. The company, based in the United States, now appears to phase out its SSD products with only their SATA II Torqx SSD listed on their website. Newegg currently lists all Patriot SSD as out of stock, Amazon still has a couple available and Bestbuy only lists one drive. Long time readers of Myce (formerly CDFreaks) might remember the times where many companies released optical drives. This decreased prices but also caused consolidation in the market and in the end only a handful of ODD brands were left.