Paypal will soon start to block users with an outdated browser

In order to comply with the security standards of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, Paypal will start blocking users with an outdated browser starting the 30th of June. Also websites with Paypal integration have to update their code, or their integration will become unusable.Paypal will soon start to block users with an outdated browser

Paypal has sent out email notices to users from which it previously detected that they visited the payment service with an outdated browser. Unfortunately it appears the company mistakenly sent some notices to users with an up-to-date browser as well. The company has stated its working on a solution and from tomorrow only users with an actual outdated browser should receive the emails.

To prevent any further confusion, Paypal has added a page to its website where users can test whether their browser will continue to work with the online payment service after the 30th of June.

Paypal will need to block users to comply with the latest security standards. Also other websites that hold payment data will likely need to take similar measures. Older browsers are blocked because they use outdated encryption methods, which means, even if the website uses HTTPS,  the connection is no longer secure and can be hijacked by criminals.