Penguin Computing Rolls Out Bundle Systems for Cloud

As the world transition digitally, and more companies are allowing remote work, Penguin Computing is taking on its charge and introduce new bundle services with advanced AI, analytics, and data science.

The California-based artificial intelligence company will begin tapping businesses in need of high-performing computing stacks. Cloud workloads are bundled with AI, analytics, HPC, and data, to process more information and to streamline storage.

New solutions can cater to the huge digital demands today, helping customers modernize their enterprises with emerging technologies. Software-defined systems are data-intensive and affect the speed of data processing and calculations.

Penguin Computing Bundle Systems for Cloud

The software-defined architectures are better because of the new processing involved, plus improved storage platforms. Penguin Computing will be driving advances in the HPC, AI, machine learning, and data analytics.

This move to release new bundles is part of the company’s move to expand its market and to entice more enterprises to shift to better storage and computing systems. Earlier, Dell Technologies also launched new stacks targeting commercial industries.

What’s best is, Penguin Computing moving beyond supercomputing and come up with more advanced workloads for artificial intelligence, simulation, and analytics, into one mainstream. The deployment can benefit companies who are processing massive loads of data.

Platforms need to depend on reliable application space to run complex functions and to accommodate performance requirements. Cloud 2.0 is also driving more customers to enjoy hybrid and multi-cloud workloads.

These changes and upgrades are game-changers, enabling more capabilities. With the right skill set, companies can easily process and determine what needs improvement, to generate more profits.

Penguin has a good track record when it comes to tested and supported platforms and services. It provides compute-intensive infrastructures to modernize the systems of enterprises. The end-to-end solutions are delivered in the new practices to shorten the time needed for adoption.

“The solutions that we are launching today provide our customers the platform needed to effectively leverage these technologies to transform their technical computing infrastructure,” said President Sid Mair.

The company shows great momentum in expanding for HPC, introducing cloud-based HPC. Businesses that need better operations can take advantage of this technology to stay competitive in the industry.

“Penguin Computing’s new solutions group is targeting enterprises looking to modernize and unlock the power of their data. For those that don’t have adequate HPC and IT expertise in-house, Penguin Computing has the ability to fill the knowledge gap as needed to meet company goals,” said senior advisor Steve Conway.