People want 3DTV, but don’t like high prices or glasses

Though television manufacturers are seemingly constantly unveiling new 3DTVs lately, they aren’t quite doing enough yet to woo their potential consumers and convince them to adopt the technology.

A new report released last week by The Nielsen Company and the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing has shown that while the consumer market definitely has an interest in the technology, there are a number of factors, including cost and those pesky 3D glasses, which are turning them away from embracing the products.

People want 3DTV, but don't like high prices or glasses

Among the things that those surveyed found positive about current 3DTV offerings were the sensation of being part of the action and the feeling of being more engaged in programs when viewing them in 3D. Also, many of the survey respondents, including 71% of those who considered themselves “gamers” were interested in playing 3D games.

On the other hand, the issues consumers associate with the market offset the perks. Over two-thirds of those polled were unhappy with the current cost of 3D televisions. Additionally, 57% were not pleased with the idea of wearing 3D glasses, while 44% also showed concern over the lack of programming and content available.

The study concluded that manufacturers would have better luck getting customers to commit to 3DTV if only they could lower the price, ditch the glasses, and produce more programs.

Unfortunately, the prices for 3D televisions without the need for glasses are, at this point, much more expensive than those that require specs. Until manufacturers figure out a way to overcome that obstacle, they may find themselves facing a small segment of willing buyers for the technology.