Pimloc Gains £1.4M for AI Visual Data Privacy and Security Tool


United Kingdom-based tech startup Pimloc was awarded £1.4 million (roughly around $1.8 million) in a seed funding round. The firm uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, leveraging technology towards developing a suite of image and video privacy management solutions.

Tech Crunch reports that the seed funding round was led by Amadeus Capital Partners. Meanwhile, Speedinvest, together with other unnamed shareholders, also took part in the said investment round.


Founded in 2016, the computer vision tech startup launched Pholio, an artificial intelligence-based photo designed to provide machines with deep learning systems and classify photos without requiring users to share and or upload their files to the cloud, notes Tech crunch.

Pimloc AI Visual Data Privacy and Security Tool

Since its inception, however, the company has evolved into a more comprehensive and encompassing platform that “enable private businesses and public organisations to protect sensitive or personal visual data, to maintain safe online environments and to manage video security footage.”


Apart from putting Pholio at the helm and transforming it into a specialist search and discovery platform with the help of machine learning capabilities and AI, Pimloc also launched another tool name Secure Redact.

According to Tech Crunch, Secure Redact is geared towards ensuring data privacy and visual content security for users via its deep learning platform. Through this, individuals leveraging their platform can find and redact personal information even in visual content.

Secure Redact has two main components, namely the automated aspect that tracks and scans personal information within a video and the “intelligent tools” that allow users to review and edit information. Some of the data crawled by this tool include heads, bodies, and faces.

In a statement to Tech Crunch, chief executive officer Simon Randall said, “All detections and tracks are auditable and editable by users prior to accepting and redacting. Personal data extends wider than just faces into other objects and scene content, including ID cards, tattoos, phone screens.”

Randall also said, “Through our work on the visual privacy side we identified a critical hap in the market for services that allow businesses and governments to manage visual data protection at a scale on security footage.”

Pimloc states that it currently has over 100 clients and users signed up for its SaaS service ranging from entertainment, health, insurance, mobility, and security.

Pimloc counts clients from various industries as their main target. Randall said the tech firm has been working with different sectors from art galleries, CCTV providers, broadcasting companies, and image libraries.