Pirates are getting more creative

Since the traditional torrent sites have been under siege from media companies, those who engage in piracy have become increasingly inventive in their file sharing schemes.  Cloud storage sites, especially Google Drive, have become more popular venues for piracy.  Just last month, there were five thousand DMCA requests to remove infringing files on Google Drive.

Pirates are getting more creative

One of the more interesting aspects of this type of piracy is the fact that the Google Drive or other storage site links don’t contain infringing material.  They simply have links to Youtube videos which do display copyrighted material, but have been made unlisted, so that they are very hard to track using Youtube’s internal tools.  The storage site links are shared online in various forums, and are virtually impossible to stop.

One interesting site for sharing information is Google’s service called My Maps.  You can create a custom map there and add descriptions.  Pirates are adding links to the Youtube videos that they upload in those descriptions.

In the end, stopping piracy on the net may be a task beyond the ability of the content owners or Google for that matter.  Especially when the pirates are proving to be more creative than the copyright owners.

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