Pirates lurk for new Windows 8 RTM activation tricks now KMS / MAK methods fail

Here at Myce.com we’re currently monitoring pirate activity on Windows 8.  The release of Windows 8 is one of the biggest software releases on the internet since Windows 7 with the difference that now even more people have access to high speed internet, torrent sites and with Microsoft giving early access to the OS before its general release. The company released final versions of Windows 8 to developers, partners and employees and pretty much all of the versions have appeared on torrent sites. But for most of the downloaders Windows 8 is just a harddisk filler as all activation methods that were available for a short time have vanished.

Pirates lurk for new Windows 8 RTM activation tricks now KMS / MAK methods fail

Before a couple of Key Management Servers (KMS) popped up, which allowed users activate their Windows 8 installation by connecting to it, and the KMS server activated the installaton. Then Multiple Activation Keys (MAK) appeared, but all of them seem to be blocked. Now pirates are actively searching for new ways of activating their Windows 8 RTM download.

On the other hand Microsoft seems to be trying to get pirate information removed. Many search result pages come with a an US Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice, which means Google has removed pages from the results that contain content that Microsoft is objecting to. Also Myce, which does not condone nor facilitates Windows 8 piracy but does report on it,received such notices from Google, probably because it’s an automated process that is triggered by specific words or phrases.

So far only Technet and MSDN subscribers are the only ones who are able to activate their computer normally, so Microsoft’s anti-piracy efforts have been successful.

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