Pixel 3 Users Urged to Update Systems due to Vulnerabilities

Google advise owners of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL to update their operating systems. This is in light on a vulnerability issue in the old OS, says Express. These two models are always at the frontline of update releases from the phone’s manufacturer, Google.

In Google’s monthly release of security patches, the tech giant urged Pixel 3 users to implement the update. This is because the patches intend to fix “critical” security issues. According to Google, the current OS enables attackers to run arbitrary code on the phones. This is in “the context of a privileged process” or a trusted program.

The attack is executable on targeted devices even from remote locations. The source of this issue is the system’s Media framework. The tech firm tracked the flaw as CVE-2019-2027, according to Security Week.

Aside from this, the company also detected another “severe” matter, which can compromise the device and user data. This can also enable online hackers to exploit a proxy auto-config (PAC) package to run malicious code on target phones. Google tracked the flaw as CVE-2019-2028.

Pixel 3 Users Urged to Update Systems due to Vulnerabilities

Security Week says that the 2019-04-01 patch seeks to repair 1 “high severity security flaws” and 8 “high-risk issues.” These flaws include 6 elevations of privilege risks and 3 information disclosure.

While Google released fixes on these vulnerability problems, it clarified that it did not receive reports of “active customer exploitation.” There were also no reports of abuse connected with these issues.

The company reminds customers that updating their devices is the best way to prevent attacks. According to Google, users should download and run the patch “as soon as they can.”

Google has released a wide variety of security patches in the system and Qualcomm components in its May 2019 release. This previous rollout repaired more than 75 problems. The level of security issues varies from critical, high-risk and high severity degrees. They also include elevation of privilege and information disclosure issues.

Meanwhile, the updates also addressed other system issues with Pixel 3. Functional patches include a camera, media and hotword issues. These problems cause camera crashes when recording videos, Netflix crashes, and inaccuracy in using Google Assistant. The developers expect the patches to make the phone function run more smoothly.

Every user of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL can download and execute the fix as of this writing.