Playstation 4 has standby mode and power issues after 2.0 update

Playstation 4 users report that they can’t resume from standby after installing the most recent software update. The update also seems to have caused issues with Youtube on the console.

Issues when starting the console from “rest mode” (or resuming from standby) have been reported by many Playstation 4 users on Sony’s Forums. Some consoles become unresponsive when “rest mode” is activated. Sony states on its forums that it’s aware of the issue and working on a fix. The problems started after the release of “software update 2.0” that was recently released.


Until Sony has released a fix, the company advises users to completely shut down the console, to remove the power plug and to wait three minutes. Another option is to to start the Playstation 4 in safe mode to reset the console , which has the unfortunate side effect that it wipes all data from the device.

Users also complain about problems with Youtube, they are unable to connect their Youtube or Google account and they are unable to upload videos to the site. The Youtube app was one of the new features of “software update 2.0”. The update also adds Share Play which allows inviting other users to watch a game or play it.