PlayStation 5 Uses Sony Cloud for Storage

The new game console PlayStation 5 will be using Sony’s cloud storage PlayStation Plus to exclusively move and back up saved data.

According to Sony, only active PlayStation Plus subscribers can enjoy the cloud storage and file backup. This is completely different from its precedent PlayStation 4, which supports external storage like USB as well as cloud storage to save game data.

The new console doesn’t have an option for external storage, therefore, players can lose game data upon natural incidents like firmware update, damages on the unit, and even during a robbery.

PlayStation 5 Cloud Storage

The PS5’s system settings are different, with the option of automatically saving the upload on the old PS4. In the Saved Data and Game or App Settings on the menu, players can see Saved Data (PS4), to copy save files to Sony’s cloud storage.

There’s no USB Drive option because the system doesn’t support external storage. Pretty much, Sony is trying to move all files on the cloud and make players pay for hassle-free storage. The other option is to save files manually from the console’s internal storage and to transfer to Sony’s cloud storage later on.

Rise of Cloud Storage

Cloud gaming took the video game industry by storm, with developers considering wide-long integration of virtual saving than using external storage. Sony’s move to utilizing new technology is clear proof that they’re innovating and starting to ditch the old ways.

In fact, Nintendo is also doing the same thing with the Switch, allowing users and players to back up games or save files to the cloud. This is only possible if an individual pays for the Switch Online subscription.

On PlayStation, it’s going to be PlayStation Plus, exclusive cloud storage for all PS5 and PS4 users. It’s no surprise why Sony does this, given the speed requirements of the new game console, called ‘cold storage’.

This type of storage frees up the SSD without having to re-download games on the console. It’s fast, hassle-free, and lives up to its promise when it comes to speed. However, PS5 still offers system backup or restore functionality, but not a solution for backing up save data on the console.

This system backup only functions to recover software on a computer, for instance, System restores on Windows and Time Machine on Mac OS.