Plextor reveals first details on M8Pe, its new high-end NVMe SSD

Plextor has announced a new high-end NVMe SSD which the company will showcase during CES next week. During the electronics exhibition in Las Vegas more details on the new drive will be revealed but so far we know that the drive will be able to achieve up to 270,000 IOPS for random reads and 150,000 IOPS for random writes.


The new drive has model name M8Pe, will come in a M2 form-factor and utilizes the NVMe protocol. The Non-Volatile Memory Express protocol has been specifically designed for PCIe SSDs and should increase the performance of such drives.

The MP8Pe is the successor of Plextor’s M6e, the company planned to release a M7e SSD this summer but decided to cancel it.

Like all Plextor SSDs, also the new drive will feature Plextor’s specific features, such as PlexTurbo RAM caching, compression technology for maximizing storage capacity, and PlexVault, which allows you to hide private data from others on a shared computer.