Popcorntime.io shuts down forever – shortly after announcement of legal version

The Popcorn Time version developed by the people behind popcorntime.io has been taken offline shortly after they announced a legal version of their software. The software is no longer available for download and the Popcorn Time version developed by popcorntime.io also no longer works.


Besides some technical issues, the main reason the developers have decided to shut down their service is fear of legal action, according to Torrentfreak. Popcorntime.io was considered to be one of the two major Popcorn Time versions, and it was the only one that was endorsed by the original Popcorn Time developers.

The other major Popcorn Time version is popcorn-time.se but there are many other versions because the original code was made opensource.

The shutdown also comes shortly after the popcorntime.io developers announced Butter, a service for streaming independent, legal movies and series.

On the Butter site the developers state “Don’t worry, PopcornTime.io will continue exactly as if nothing happened, it will still be Open Source, the code will still be hosted on our private Gitlab at git.popcorntime.io and most importantly it will still have Pochoclin as a mascot and logo. Only that now it will now be based on Butter, so it’s basically the same Popcorn Time you’ve learned to love but with this amazing new butter touch.”

It seems that isn’t the case any longer now popcorntime.io has shut down.