Possibly last batch of AACS 2.0 Volume Keys have been leaked

Another batch of AACS 2.0 volume keys was leaked on the web today. The keys were posted at the same website, and also by the same user again. Given the amount of keys that have been leaked, it appears the user behind the leaks has found a way to retrieve the keys in large quantities. They could be the last ones.

Possibly last batch of AACS 2.0 Volume Keys have been leaked

According to the user who leaked all keys,  his “magic spring dries out”. This indicates that either this batch was the last one, or that we at least won’t see much more large quantities of leaked keys. It’s unknown how the user obtains the keys, either with a (self-developed) tool or perhaps the keys are stolen somewhere.

The new batch contains 15 keys from movies like Huntsman 2, Deadpool, Kingsman, Fantastic Four, Angry birds the Movie, and another version of The Martian. The keys can be used to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray movies by storing them in a file and by pointing software like AnyDVD, DVDFab or MakeMKV to the location of that file. The software is then able to decrypt the Ultra HD Blu-ray movies from which the keys are in the file.

It’s currently one of the two ways of ripping Ultra HD Blu-ray movies. The other possibility is by using DeUHD from the Russian company Arusoft. The keys, however, allow users to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray movie for free when using MakeMKV. Existing license owners of AnyDVD and DVDFab also don’t have to pay extra for using the leaked keys. DeUHD licenses are currently sold at €60 ($71) for 6 months or a lifetime license of €299 ($356) or €399 ($476) with respectively a 2 discs per day or 6 disc per day limit.

Besides the keys and the software, also a so-called Ultra HD Blu-ray ‘friendly’ drive is required, and a non-revoked AACS 1.0 certificate.

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