Product page & specs appear for the tiny Asus Eee PC X101

Asus’ teeny, tiny Eee PC X101 netbook might just be getting closer to release.  A product page, rich with specs has appeared on the Asus website.  The only thing missing from the product page is a release date, but hopefully that isn’t too far off.

Product page & specs appear for the tiny Asus Eee PC X101

The X101 is the very definition of a netbook, at only 17.6mm thick, and 0.92 Kgs.  The product page for the device also tells of a 10.1″ LED backlit display with 1240 x 600 resolution.  The X101 will sport an Intel Atom N435/N455 processor and come with 1Gb (with a max of 2 Gb) of ram.

The little netbook will also have an 8GB SSD, Wifi, Bluetooth, SDHC card support, USB 2.0, and a 0.3 Megapixel camera.  The specs page puts the battery life at around 4hrs which is not too shabby for a netbook.  You’ll be able to choose one of three colors when the device finally becomes available for sale; red, white, or brown.  The absolute best part?  The machine will be $199.

The product page details that it will use the MeeGo operating system which is an app based, stripped down, great for a netbook OS. Previously it appeared that there would be Windows 7 options for the device, obviously priced much higher, however the current product information does not mention the Windows 7 option at all.

It was originally speculated that this machine would hit shelves in July, which leaves Asus with only a day or two before the month runs out.  It’s more likely that we’ll see an August release but anything is possible.  Are you considering one of these tiny wonders or are you happy with your current laptop/desktop/tablet/abacus?