Production of NAND flash memory to increase with 43% next year

Posted 28 September 2017 16:34 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Market watcher DRAMeXchange expects that the production of NAND flash memory will increase with nearly 43% next year. In 2016, the demand for flash memory was higher than the supply, a trend that continued in 2017. By 2018 the demand and supply of NAND should be in balance.

The current capacity issues are mainly caused because only Samsung is able to provide a steady supply of 3D-NAND. All other companies saw their transition to 3D-NAND delayed due all kinds of issues. The increase of production therefore is expected to come mainly from Samsung’s competitors that follow the lead of the Korean electronics giant. It’s expected however, that Samsung will retain its technology leadership also the coming year.

DRAMeXchange expects the nand flash market to grow till 2018 and by that time production should have been increased by 42.9%, demand should see an increase of 37.7%. The market watcher expects that in that year demand and supply will be in balance.

By that time the majority of all NAND will be 3D NAND, according to DRAMeXchange. The market watcher expects that in 2017 about 70% of all NAND flash will be 3D-NAND.

Currently the demand for NAND flash memory is mainly driven by an increase in memory of smartphones and the strong server market.

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