PS3 hack case: Sony levels new TRO & seizure on graf_chokolo

Sony’s legal dispute with George Hotz ran its course, but the company’s crackdown on hackers isn’t relegated to one New Jersey man.

Alexander Egorenkov, AKA graf_chokolo, has bore the brunt of Sony’s litigation in Europe. In many ways, he’s Hotz’s twin. In others, he couldn’t be more different. Hotz settled with SCEA, avoiding a protracted, costly legal battle. Egorenkov on the other hand finds himself yet embroiled with the corporation over his work on the PlayStation 3.

New developments in the story might have any other defendant screaming “settlement,” but not Egorenkov.

PS3 hack case: Sony levels new TRO & seizure on graf_chokolo

Egorenkov claimed today on his blog that he was just paid a second visit by SCEE and served another Temporary Restraining Order, this time sans police.

“They took my equipment again and told me to stop my OtherOS project or else. They definitely do not want OtherOS back on PS3,” commented Egorenkov. The hacker suggested people clone his work, though it’s uncertain just how long it will remain available.

Hacking site PS3Crunch, which broke the story of Sony’s second house call, claims its repository is still up.

In late February, German police and a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe representative raided Alexander Egorenkov’s home and walked out with computer equipment and PlayStation 3 consoles. The hacker defiantly published his work anyway — ignoring the legal implications and 1 million Euro lawsuit subsequently filed against him. He issued strong words about why he wouldn’t stop his work on the PlayStation 3 — words echoed in his new statements.

“To give up would mean for me to betray my principles, so the next question is what is more worth to me, my life or my principles,” said Egorenkov. “Keep my principles and destroy my life, or trample on my principles and save my life? Most of you know only my work and don’t really know my personality. I’m proud how my parents brought me up, they taught to me to fight for my principles and what is right. To be a man of principles is not an easy task.”

Egorenkov had a parting shot for Sony, who he claims reads his blog. “With every new raid of yours, my motivation raises a bit more. You are getting desperate. And next time you raid my home, make sure that you take ALL my stuff.”

Hopefully Egorenkov’s words don’t come back to haunt him. (Via PS3 Crunch)