PS3 to offer streaming Major League Baseball MLB.TV

Sony PlayStation 3 owners can expect to receive even more content for the PS3 when Sony adds streaming baseball games to the console for PlayStation Network gamers.

Utilizing a partnership with the Major League Baseball (MLB) MLB.TV service, Sony will offer a PS3 subscription service, which is already available via PCs, smartphones and Roku boxes. The service is $25 per month, with a $120 per year annual package available.

PS3 to offer streaming Major League Baseball MLB.TV

The free PlayStation Network (PSN) service has more than 20 million users in North America, with the MLB season recently starting, so it’s the perfect time for both parties to promote such a service.

The custom PS3 program gives users the option to browse archived games, watch streaming games, and play, pause, rewind, and fast forward through games.  However, local games will not be shown live since they could be blacked out to local viewers – but the service still offers a large number of games to users.

There is a struggle between Sony and Microsoft to control streaming content in the living room, with both companies actively seeking content partners. Nintendo now has Netflix for the Wii, but isn’t seen as a major competitor in terms of streaming content.

Specifically, the ability to stream sports live – and on-demand – could become a major battleground for Sony and Microsoft later down the road.  Some soccer matches will be shown to European Xbox 360 owners now that BSkyB and Canal Plus signed agreements with Microsoft.

Former News Corp President Peter Chernin reportedly discussed an official Xbox TV channel with Microsoft — though it’s unknown how interested Microsoft is at the moment — which would compete directly with Sony’s current streaming offers.