PS3 upgraded with new 160GB core model & 320GB Move bundle

Sony has announced the release of 2 new PS3 console models, packing in larger HDD’s with capacities of 160GB and 320GB. The lesser 160GB “core” model will have a $299.99 MSRP, while the 320GB model will be included in the “PS3 Sports Champions Move” bundle. This new bundle will include the PS3 console, one wireless controller, one PlayStation Move motion controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, the Sports Champions game and a Blu-ray game demo disc, all for an MSRP of $399.99.

PS3 upgraded with new 160GB core model & 320GB Move bundle

The new 160GB PS3 core console is shipping now to retailers. The PS3 Sports Champions Move bundle will be released on September 19th to coincide with the PlayStation Move launch.

“With the launch of PlayStation Move just around the corner, we’re expecting many new consumers to join the PlayStation® family. The PS3™ Sports Champions™ Move bundle provides those families with everything they need to get into motion control gaming at a great value, with the 320GB model PS3 system as the centerpiece of the package,” said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president of product marketing. “Also, as PlayStation Network continues to evolve with exciting new services, the hunger for digital content grows; these larger storage capacities address that demand and encourage consumers to take full advantage of the complete PS3 experience.”

It’s no surprise that the “core” PS3 model has been upgraded with a larger capacity hard drive, as Sony has a history of continually upping the storage capacity while retaining the same price point on its lower tier PS3 offering.

The $399 PS3 Sports Champion Move bundle, however, can be seen as a strategic move by Sony to convince new customers to start off their PS3 gaming experience with the full spectrum of PS3 products and accessories, including their highly anticipated Move motion controller system. For just $100 more than purchasing the core PS3 system alone, this custom Move bundle appears to be a compelling offer.

But let’s not forget Microsoft, who has announced their own motion control bundle as well. The “Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect” $299.99 bundle includes an Xbox 360 with Wi-Fi, 4GB of built in storage, the Kinect sensor, the Kinect Adventures game, an Xbox 360 black wireless controller, a composite A/V cable and 1 month of Xbox Live gold membership.

As the launch dates for both the PS3 Move and the Xbox 360 Kinect systems approaches, we’re excited to see what the next generation of motion control gaming will bring to the table.