PSN update results in paid content outage for some Sony customers

The PlayStation Network (PSN) underwent some scheduled maintenance last week. That maintenance apparently introduce an issue where some users are unable to access content they’ve paid good money for.

PSN update results in paid content outage for some Sony customers

It currently appears that North American PSN users are unaffected by this problem, which is plaguing PAL territory users in places like Britain, continental Europe and Australia.

When a user attempts to download or even re-download content they have paid for, an error message pops up informing them “No content was found.” The error code associated with the message is labeled with the number 80023102.

A moderator on the PlayStation forums has acknowledged that this is in fact an issue and Sony is aware of it. The moderator wrote, “I’m being told that the cause of the problem has been identified, but a resolution has yet to become available.”

User TamKing writes,

“i also cant download anything from the store,when i click the download it just loads a blank page.. also the new this week tab in the store wont open,it just throws up the same (80023102) error code..”

As of this writing the issue is still not resolved and there is no current ETA for the fix. The thread on Sony’s forums has grown to 56 pages filled with people reporting the issue and expressing frustration at not being able to get to the content they paid for.

The only location where the issue has currently been acknowledged is in that forum thread. The official PlayStation blog does not have any information about the issue.

It’s currently unclear how widespread this issue is in the territories affected. If you are having trouble getting to your PSN content, let us know in the comments.