Pure Buys Data Service Firm Portworx for $370M


Flash storage hotshot Pure goes big and acquires well-funded Kubernetes container storage Portworx for $370 million in cash, as its leverage on a complete data storage platform.

Pure is extending its offerings to Kubernetes data services, and supply enterprises that use the same technology. The company plans to adopt the services to its groundbreaking multi-cloud offers, with emphasis on native block storage of Kubernetes.


The size of the deal, which is considered the biggest in Pure’s acquisition library, reflects how the company values Kubernetes. As the next-generation storage container, this technology is best deployed in hybrid cloud architectures with maximum data protection.

Pure Buys Data Service Firm Portworx

The final agreement hasn’t been reached yet, but the acquisition is said to be close by the end of September. Pure spokesperson said the two companies are in the middle of negotiations, and finalizing the deal could be delayed.


Portworx CEO Murli Thirumale is positive about the deal, saying, “I’m tremendously proud of what we’ve built at Portworx. An unparalleled data services platform for customers running mission-critical applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.”

Thirumale added that the company’s growth achieved through the years is a product of Kubernetes’ unique data storing architecture and competitiveness. This technology delivers secure data to power DevOps and modern analytics environments in multi-cloud storage.

Portworx just raised its Series C funding last 2019, and the customer base swelled by over 100 percent. Additionally, bookings increased to 376 from 2018’s record. Today, the company has big-ticket customers including T-Mobile, Kroger, GE Digital, and Comcast.

Modern Data Experience

For Pure, the acquisition is a huge move to expand their customers’ modern data experience. CEO Charles Giancarlo is leading the company to dwell on the Kubernetes offering and integrate Portworx’s services to its offers.

“As forward-thinking enterprises adopt cloud-native strategies to advance their business, we are thrilled to have the Portworx team and their groundbreaking technology joining us at Pure to expand our success in delivering multi-cloud data services for Kubernetes,” said Giancarlos.

The company considers the deal as a stepping stone to explore new and more ways to grow its customer base and revenue. Kubernetes, being a unique and critical technology for data storage, Pure can accelerate its growth and provide a comprehensive suite of data services.

Last April, Pure partnered with Kasten to integrate its storage capabilities to Kasten’s app backup.