Pure Storage Bets on Multiple Storage Services

With the flush of the enterprise storage market rooted in the oversupply of flash products, Pure Storage takes on multiple classes of service for storage solutions.

Pure Storage is a known supplier of all-flash data storage hardware and software products. The recent oversupply phenomenon indicates a decline in the profitability of vendors. To counter the sales fall off, the company thinks about a ‘modern’ data storage experience for businesses and organizations.

For vice president Rob Walters, the game has changed and ‘this is not about the storage array anymore.’ Walters believes that aside from the storage itself, more enterprises are looking at the purpose of the storage solution and the ‘attribute perspective.’ It is all about the capacity and overall experience rather than a physical hardware perspective.

Pure Storage Multiple Storage Services


For this reason, Pure Storage developed Cloud Block Store for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new storage-as-a-service strategy takes the purity software from on-premises to the cloud. What clients can do is simply run an application program to access the cloud.

“When we started out on this journey, we saw a tremendous promise for the technology to really improve the AWS ecosystem for people who wanted to consume block storage in the cloud. It speaks to the durability but also to the compatibility with which we’re able to deliver the same sets of features and have them operate in exactly the way on-premise and in the cloud,” said Rob Lee.

Cloud storage is also enhanced with artificial intelligence, associated with a bulk amount of data processed. This technology provides a seamless app and program infrastructure that also evolve over time. According to Walters, AI drives a lot of business into Pure Storage because it enhances the nuts-and-bolts storage management.

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Pure Storage acquired Compuverde earlier this year, which supports hybrid cloud deployments. The acquisition fully supports Pure Storage’s file-based storage capabilities, which is another product offering of the company.

With the acquisition, Pure will receive scale-out filter software that is a best-seller. This product unifies file and blocks storage, which supports cloud storage solutions. The partnership is beneficial for both companies.


Pure Storage CEO Charles Giancarlo said, “Through our expanding suite of hybrid data solutions such as Cloud Data Services, we continue to help our customers make the most of their data assets.”

Betting on multiple storage services not only helps diversify Pure Storage’s product portfolio but also gain traction for more business to partner with the company.