Qantas Airline To Launch Digital Health Pass For International Flights

Once international flights reopen, the Qantas Airways Limited, with the help of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), will launch a digital health pass.

The IATA travel pass would allow accredited testing laboratories to submit COVID-19 test results and vaccination records to the app with the customers’ permission.

Afterward, customers can use the information to confirm their health status with health officials, as well as immigration and airline personnel. If they pass the conditions, customers obtain a green tick to fly.

Qantas Airline To Launch Digital Health Pass

On a particular trip, the app will link the person’s health data. It will also confirm entry rules for the destination country, and give both the airline and the customer clearance to fly on that airplane flight, according to the firm.

Stephanie Tully, CIO of Qantas, explained that they would like the international flights to be back in service and their staff to work again. A vital part of it to happen is the digital health pass.

Tully said that with the IATA travel pass, travelers will be able to have their COVID-19 test results and vaccination record securely validated, giving them the green signal to fly abroad with Qantas.

Several governments already require vaccination proof or a COVID-19 negative test result for overseas travel. Using a digital health pass will help customers connect with health officials, COVID-19 test sites, and airline companies, allowing for the eventual resume of travels.

In addition, Qantas has been testing various digital technologies on its global return flights in recent months, according to the report.

As international travels resume, Qantas is collaborating with IATA to build their travel pass to make the procedure simple for Qantas and Jetstar passengers.

In April, Air New Zealand conducted 3 weeks of experiments utilizing the IATA digital health pass, which were tested by pilots and passengers who were asked to participate.

IATA bragged in November that it had achieved the final phase of developing a standardized digital service that would permit safe reopening of border crossings and for travel worldwide to continue.

The IATA also stated that the technology applied to build the pass would be decentralized. It ensures that there would be no central database storing user information, preserving security and privacy.

Customers would have complete control over their data, including the ability to share it and remove it from the platform. Travelers may use the app to digitally keep their travel documents, as per IATA.