Qualstar and Sony Teams Up to Make New Data Storage Product

Qualstar Corporation announced its partnership with Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. last Thursday, November 14, 2019. The Optical Disc Archive Generation 3 will be launched under Sony and Qualstar’s partnership.

Optical Disc Archive Generation 3 is considered the latest high capacity archive drive to enter the market. The prototype will be formally launched during the upcoming Super Computing (SC) 2019 conference in Denver. The prototype will be available in the Sony booth throughout the duration of the conference.

Qualstar and Sony Teams Up

Features of the Data Product

According to the press release by Qualstar, the newly created data storage system leverages highly advanced robotics-based technology. Apart from anchoring on such innovative techniques, the new Optical Disc Archive Generation 3 features a single library. This library contains a capacity of 4.7 petabytes to 50 petabytes.


Besides these, the new storage device can also be configured to accommodate numerous scales and clusters. Through this feature, the system is reportedly equipped to manage hundreds of petabytes.

Despite these claims, the companies released a disclaimer on their press release. It discloses that “recording capacity depends on the usage environment.” The actual capacity of the device may differ from those indicated, says the firm.

Each cartridge sold is made up of 11 discs, with each disc having 500 gigabytes of storage. The total expected capacity of the whole cartridge comes up to 5.5 terabytes, says News Shooter.

High speed and secure data transfers are also imbued within the system. Its read/write capacity is 375 megabytes per second and 187.5 megabytes per second respectively.

True to its claims, Gen3 is equipped with materials high-resistant to weather changes. This ensures stored media is safe from humidity, temperature, and weather changes note News Shooter. It is also resistant to electronic magnetic pulse (EMP), light, and water.


Bringing the Idea to Life

The impending public launch of the data storage solution comes after an increased demand for preserving archived data.

Qualstar vice president of global sales Arun Vaishampayan said there’s a need for a “high capacity, scalable data storage solution.“Sony’s Optical Disc Archive Generation 3 storage platform fulfills the needed requirements of the market,” states Vaishampayan. The estimated lifespan of the new storage system is approximately 100 years.

In the same way, the chief executive officer of Qualstar Steven N. Bronson also expressed the same sentiments. In a statement, Bronson said, “we are delighted with the progress of this project.” The “product will serve the needs of our valued customers and open new markets for optical drives,” notes Bronson.