Qumulo Predicts NVMe Storage Will Be Broadly Used for Apps

Hybrid cloud file storage provider, Qumulo, announced on Wednesday, its data storage predictions for this year.

The company, backed by enterprise realization units, said NVMe will dominate in the production of low-latency applications. This is the solution that fits the growing data volumes and diverse file types. According to their data, the legacy scare in-and-out NAS storage solutions are not designed to handle unstructured data volumes.

The NVMe enables applications to perform at its peak, using only SSD storage devices. It is an economical choice for businesses that don’t want to upgrade to sophisticated data storage like the NAS data solutions.

Qumulo NVMe Storage


The communication protocol, NVMe, optimizes the enterprise workloads and video post-production, scientific research, and other large latency-sensitive workloads.

Qumulo claims that ‘by the end of 2020, all NVMe file storage will be dominated by players that can deliver end-to-end value’ to consumers. The highlight of this technology is the elimination of bottlenecks, which makes it easier to optimize the network, protocol interfaces, and file system storage.

In addition to the rise of NVMe, Qumulo also predicts that cloud storage solutions will continue to swell, streamlining businesses’ data processing, machine learning, and artificial technology.

The public cloud will help clients enjoy unlimited compute power and a wide variety of applications. Due to a bigger number of companies with unstructured data workloads, the cloud application helps to organize and process work easier. By the end of 2020, unstructured data will go down, from 85 percent.

Enterprises are also expected to let customers shift to the cloud, without any compromise for the features or scale. People will be more familiar with cloud storage for file system technology and adoption. Over the next twelve months, native file systems will offer a holistic capability in replicating on-prem and multi-cloud environments.


Value In Service

Qumulo highlights the value in service, providing efficient management of data and multi-protocol support to clients. Its main goal is to provide real-time visibility to data storage, including hotspots.

Given this efficient product, Progenity, Inc. has partnered with Qumulo for the overall organization of research data and expand storage infrastructure.

“We’ve been exceedingly happy with the answers we’ve gotten from Qumulo at all levels. One of the biggest selling points is having a Slack channel where I can immediately get in touch with Qumulo Care for any sort of question, whether it’s big or small,” said Progenity Solutions Architect David Meiser.