Ransomware makes data of 15,000 patients inaccessible for more than three weeks already

Posted 22 February 2019 23:43 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

An Australian hospital has recently been hit by ransomware, which encrypted and made inaccessible, records of more than 15,000 patients. Due to the attack, some patient records have been inaccessible to doctors and nurses for more than three weeks.

To decrypt the files, the cybercriminals demanded an unknown ransom to be paid in cryptocurrencies. Australian newspaper The Age reports that the hospital paid the criminals behind the attack, but some encrypted files were not properly recovered. The affected data contained personal details of patients and sensitive medical dossiers.

Some patients were told that their records were lost but didn’t get any further explanation. Other patients turned up to their doctor’s appointment of which the hospital had no record.

The hospital stresses that no privacy sensitive data was compromised, data was only scrambled.

It’s unknown how the hospital could become infected and why there were no backups of the data. The case is currently investigated by Commonwealth security agencies.

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