RealityEngines Launches New Services for Data Optimization And Protection

A year after the seed funding of $5.25 million, AI and machine learning startup RealityEngines is launching its first set of services for optimizing data.

The company’s goal for these new tools is to cater to enterprise issues in relation to cloud safety and optimization. The tools include user churn predictions, fraud detection, sales lead forecasting, security threat detection, and cloud spend optimization.

RealityEngines was founded by a number of former Google executives and engineers in 2014. Its main vision includes providing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques for organizations of all sizes. Given its potential, the company received funding from Google CEO and chairman Eric Schmidt and Google founding members Ram Shriram, Khosla Ventures, Paul Buchheit, and a lot more.

RealityEngines Launches New Services


When the investors injected the capital fund, RealityEngines isn’t prepared to put out plans for officially launching products and services. It took them less than a year to finalize everything before announcing the first set of tools they will offer.

Cloud AI Service

RealityEngines simplified the process of creating AI models without needing a lot of time and people behind the screen. With BANANAS (Bayesian Optimization with Neural Architectures for Neural Architecture Search), data can be attacked by NAS and create models with a refined generative adversarial network (GAIN). This is a synthetic data that enhances data modeling.

BANANAS revolutionizes the process involved in developing AI models, which will greatly benefit a lot of businesses in the future.

“The most prominent use of generative adversarial networks has been to create deep fakes. Deepfakes have captured the public’s imagination by highlighting how easy it is to spread misinformation with these doctored videos and images. However, GAIN can also be applied to productive and good use. They can be used to create synthetic datasets, to produce robust AI models,” said CEO Bindu Reddy.

The technology is undeniably effective and useful because scientists and industry experts have developed it. Reddy, who happened to create AI verticals for Amazon Web Services is also the mind behind the RealityEngines’ cloud AI service.


CTO Arvind Sundararajan and Siddartha Naidu, which are two other founding members, also helped develop the AI technology. Sundararajan was a senior engineering leader at Uber’s vehicle program and Naidu is the research director of Google’s BigQuery.

RealityEngines has only 20 employees, who have deep knowledge of artificial technology as researchers and practitioners in the field.