RedFox addresses Slysoft license concerns

In a previous article we reported that the company RedFox has put its website online. When the shutdown of SlySoft initially happened, many users were left wondering what would happen to their (lifetime) licenses. This prompted users to create a topic to talk about their license concerns. In this article the company addresses those concerns.


Following these concerns, MYCE reached out to RedFox to see if they were willing to answer some questions about these concerns. The company graciously accepted this interview request, which is published in its entirety below. If you’re a SlySoft license holder, whether its a longstanding customer relationship or short term. These questions and answers should hopefully put your mind at ease a little. For new users currently on an AnyDVD (HD) trial, nothing will change. When the first new version is released, that version will require a RedFox license anyway. Along with answering our question shortlist, they even revealed some unexpected news (in answer 2). We will see in the future what will be meant by this.

[MYCE] Who is “The RedFox Project”?
[James] Haha, you wish to know, don’t you? As do AACS LA, Sony DADC, Websheriff, Fox and the rest of the pack. We really like to keep it a secret.

[MYCE] The product line-up seems to have lost a product. Classic DVD-Only Anydvd. What was the reason for that decision?
[Ivan] We are planning additional products, so this is a good moment to streamline the portfolio. We will be offering AnyDVD HD at a “nice price”, so a “non HD” version doesn’t make much sense anymore. You didn’t even notice, that we’ve lost three products – GameJackal and GameJackal Enterprise are gone, too. They served their purpose, but with Steam, Origin & Co. they don’t offer much value anymore.

[MYCE] Relating to the above, what impact will that have for current existing classic license owners? If they renew their license under RedFox, will they automatically be upgraded to HD?
[Ivan] Sure. Although most customers had AnyDVD HD already.

[MYCE] Slysoft licenses are able to use up to version with the OPD being available for access until April 30 th , 2016. What happens on May 1 st ? Will that OPD be pulled offline? What sort of impact may users expect?
[James] The OPD will not be pulled offline. Old AnyDVD versions might die a slow death. But we will offer a smooth transistion for SlySoft customers to RedFox.

[MYCE] Is there a decision made on the pricing of the products and which forms of license durations will be available?
[Ivan] No, this is still worked out. But we’re close. AnyDVD HD will be offered as a subscription, this is actually the only sensible business model, as there will always be new discs which need to be taken care of. The pricing isn’t ironed out yet, but a one year subscription will probably be 49,- EUR, a renewal 39,- EUR for the following year. Very simple and straightforward.

[MYCE] In regards to the above, will RedFox offer a discount or some form of compensation for SlySoft lifetime license owners now that a license will need to be purchased even by LTL holders to use a version beyond If so, what will it be?
[Ivan] Yes, there will be a compensation of some sort, but the details aren’t ironed out yet.

[MYCE] In regards to question 5, will RedFox offer some form of compensation for users with a fixed slysoft license duration, if they want to renew and use a version beyond AnyDVD
[Ivan] Yes, depending on how long their license is still valid.

[MYCE] Will RedFox offer some form of compensation for customers who only recently bought a (LTL) license shortly before SlySoft closed? If so, what can they expect?
[Ivan] Yes, there will be a compensation of some sort, but the details aren’t ironed out yet. (Sorry, if I sound like a broken record…).

[MYCE] CloneBD is currently still only available for purchase through Elaborate Bytes. Does RedFox have plans to obtain a resell license from Elby?
[Ivan] We will offer elby licenses for CloneDVD and CloneBD as an affiliate, like many other resellers do. There will be no “RedFox” CloneDVD or CloneBD licenses, if that’s what you’re asking.

[MYCE] Currently any AnyDVD HD version later than needs a RedFox license. Redfox owns the rights to CloneDVD Mobile as well correct? Is it safe to assume that if/when a new CloneDVD mobile version is released using the CloneBD conversion engine it will need a new RedFox license as well? Or will development go back to Elaborate Bytes because of the conversion engine?
[James] Yes, CloneDVD mobile development will continue and it will get an updated engine as well.
This will take at least 3-4 months, as our focus now currently on AnyDVD HD.

I would like to thank both James & Ivan for answering these questions and address some concerns that arose after recent SlySoft events.