Redfox adds support for leaked AACS 2.0 Volume Keys in AnyDVD HD beta

Posted 19 December 2017 15:53 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Redfox, the developers of AnyDVD HD, have added the possibility to use the leaked AACS 2.0 Volume Keys with their software. By supplying a file with a list of the keys to the software, it is able to decrypt Ultra HD Blu-ray discs of which the AACS 2.0 keys have been leaked on the internet.

(Source: user Badnews on the Redfox forums)

By adding a file (e.g. called ‘UHDkeys.tx’) in the same folder as AnyDVD HD, and copying the leaked keys to that, the software is able to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. You can download AnyDVD HD beta here.

Previously, MakeMKV was the only software available to make use of the leaked keys. Before that, the only way to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray keys was DeUHD from the Russian company Arusoft. Now there are 3 applications that are able to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

The leaked keys have become available in 2 batches, both of the times posted by the same user. The source of the keys is unknown.

By combining the software, the leaked keys, a non-revoked AACS 1.0 certificate, and a so-called Ultra HD Blu-ray friendly drive, it’s now possible to rip about 100 Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. Nearly all users on our boards have been using the keys to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray movies to e.g. allow playback from their NAS or for backup purposes, but obviously it’s also a method that could used by release groups and other pirates to distribute Ultra HD Blu-ray movies to movie pirates. Therefore, Hollywood might act upon it.

However, the keys have made their way to the internet and as long as users don’t upgrade the firmware of their Ultra HD Blu-ray friendly drives, there is currently not much the movie studios can do to stop users from ripping Ultra HD Blu-ray discs of which the keys is now known or which are supported by DeUHD. New Ultra HD Blu-ray releases might contain new ways of protecting content.

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