introduces incredibly easy limitless file sharing without uploading

The website allows users to share files from their computer without uploading. The website simply provides a link to a file which you can share with others. If the other user visits the link he can download the file, directly from the computer. In other words the data transfer is peer to peer. If you share a video can stream it to the receiving party.


Because only helps in setting up the connection between two computers, there are no limits to the files that can be shared. In the screenshot above you can see how easy it is to share a the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO which is 3.82 GB in size. To make file sharing secure, the connection between the computers sharing the file is encrypted using Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) using SSL which should reduce the risk of man in the middle attacks.



To be even more secure it’s possible to protect the file with a password. Despite the clear advantages, there are several drawbacks to the service, it only works on Chrome 23, Firefox 22,  Opera 18 and later versions. Internet Explorer is not supported because it doesn’t support the technology used by In order for the files to be downloaded, also the browser window/tab where you’ve added the file needs to remain open.

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