Release group MeGaHeRTZ distributed spyware on large scale

Release group MeGaHeRTZ has widely distributed warez with spyware since it started it’s ‘business’ nine months ago. The software of the group sent data like the IP address of the infected system to the group. All the warez distributed by MeGaHeRTZ contained malware which collects IP addresses, user names, computer names and storage media.


It was discovered by users who downloaded the software and noticed unexpected activity on port 25 ,which is used for outgoing e-mail. By monitoring the port it was found that the collected data from the infected systems was sent to MeGaHeRTZ related e-mail addresses. It’s unclear what the release group is doing and/or planning with the collected information.

MeGaHeRTZ is a fairly new release group which appeared on the web earlier this year.  In a short time the group released many applications, including patches,  such as BurnAware Professional, SmartFTP and DVDFab. The warez scene has blacklisted the releases now, but the distribution of the files might continue on peer to peer networks and FTP sites.