Report: Apple tablet in early 2010

CDFreaks has written several news articles regarding the Apple tablet that is expected late this year or early next year, but very little is actually known about the device.  Apple denied on numerous occasions it was releasing a netbook, but signs pointed towards internal development of some type of portable device.

Recently released research from Piper Jaffray indicates the tablet PC could be released in early 2010 and will be cheaper than a MacBook laptop, but will still be more expensive than the sub-$400 netbooks the industry is now used to.

The report, published on Aug. 7 by analysts Gene Munster, Andrew Murphy and Michael Olson, indicates Apple will release “a touch-screen device similar to an iPhone Touch but larger.”


“We spoke with an Asian component supplier that has received orders from Apple for a touch-screen device to be fulfilled by late [2009].  This data point underscores our thesis that a tablet will likely launch in early [2010],” the company said in its report.

Piper Jaffray was the research company that first stated Apple had plans to release a tablet PC with a screen ranging from 7″ to 10″ in size with a retail tag of $500 to $700.

I know I’ve written about the Apple tablet quite a bit — and even I’m beginning to tire from all this chaos — but I’m very anxious to see what Apple can do.  The company obviously has a strong following, but will they be willing to spend an extra $200+ on the device?

I’m most intrigued by the actual consumer demand for the Apple tablet, as the company isn’t catering to the same market as traditional netbook makers.  Apple wants to avoid a price war and will instead release a pricier tablet that will have better hardware requirements.