Rumor: Another iOS 5 update in the works to fix battery issues

Recently Apple acknowledged the battery issues plaguing some iPhone 4S customers and quickly released iOS 5.0.1 which they claimed would address the issues. For many, iOS 5.0.1 didn’t fix the battery drain issues. An unnamed Apple engineer is claiming the company is currently working on another iteration of iOS 5 to further address those problems.

Rumor: Another iOS 5 update in the works to fix battery issues

A German blog named Macerkopf cited an unnamed Apple software engineer who claimed that iOS 5.0.2 “should arrive before the end of next week.” That new version of iOS 5 is supposed to address continuing battery drain issues on the iPhone 4S.

For many users, iOS 5.0.1 fixed their battery woes, but not everyone saw success. The software engineer claims the goal of all of these quick iterations is to get the battery life of the device as close as possible to the 40 hours of standby and 10 hours of talk time promised for the 4S.

Macerkopf also claims that a larger iOS update, suggested to be numbered 5.1, is coming soon. That update will reportedly bring with it a slew of new voice commands for Siri. Currently the digital assistant can’t help users access hardware functions via voice commands, which means you can’t turn Bluetooth on/off or bring up the camera to take a picture. Macerkopf claims these types of features will be available via voice commands following the larger update.

There isn’t any direct evidence besides the supposed words of an unnamed engineer in the Macerkopf post, but these rumors do make sense. After the drama that came with the antenna issues on the iPhone 4, Apple clearly wants to address any outstanding issues with the 4S as quickly as possible. Also, the only plausible reason to update iOS 5 with a major revision this quickly would be to improve Siri functionality.

We’ll know soon enough if this information ends up being true. If any of you guys have a 4S and are still having battery drain issues after the 5.0.1 update, let us know in the comments.