Rumor: Apple will announce the iPad 2 next week

The new iteration of Apple’s multi-faceted iPad may be announced soon, putting to bed months of rumors and speculation on just what will be included in the revision. Will it live up to the hype or disappoint? How much will Apple coax from wallets this time? Next week, all questions could be answered.

Rumor: Apple will announce the iPad 2 next week

BoomTown proposed the notion today, pointing to an upcoming Apple event scheduled for March 2nd. The site admitted that details surrounding the event are slim: invites have not yet been sent out and the venue remains undisclosed. However, most agree it’s extremely likely Apple will officially announce what most already knew: that the iPad 2 is real and is coming.

A report earlier today suggested contrarily that the next iPad wouldn’t make it out this spring due to “production bottlenecks.”

Some iPad 2 wish lists desired features sorely lacking in the original, including an enhanced glare-free screen, front and back-mounted cameras and a USB port. Rumors about the oft-maligned screen receiving a much-needed upgrade surfaced earlier this month when a blog alleged it had direct access to the iPad 2 display. The screen was lighter and slimmer, claimed the blog, but a resolution increase couldn’t be verified.

While Apple claims it sold 15 million first generation iPads, it’s unclear whether the company can move that many again, let alone surpass it. Google’s competing Android tablet soared in popularity late last year, cutting into Apple’s market stranglehold. Then again, it’s a new Apple product. Those tend to do just fine.

Look forward to more news on the iPad 2 next week, so long as this event actually happens.