Russian leaker group WZOR to close down indefinitely

The Russian group WZOR which has released many Microsoft products and information before their official release, will close down indefinitely. The group is afraid of being caught after Russian Microsoft employee Alex Kibkalo was arrested last year for leaking information and software to a French journalist.



Apparently together with the arrest with Kibkalo also other people were investigated as  WZOR writes (badly translated from Russian with Google Translate),  “The fate of the project WZorNet depends on a number of issues related to the safety of participants in the project, while I will not be sure of complete safety, I will not renew public activities WZT.  Do not want to repeat the events of the spring of 2014, when due to some “French leaders” suffered by specific people, and were under investigation, including in relation to people close to us”

These events have made WZOR decide to go underground, the group writes, “Because of this, we had to destroy all communications WZT and indefinitely close the project WZorNet.”

Although there likely won’t be any leaks from WZOR anymore, the group won’t completely disappear. According to the WZOR spokesman, the group will have one official channel to publish information which is the Twitter account @wzornet.

WZOR has been a known name for many years, the group leaked a great amount of Microsoft software. Some group members also had access to confidential Microsoft information which the group frequently leaked on either its website or forums frequented by Microsoft fans. The group also disappeared for a while in 2014 to return later stating Microsoft has improved their security policies making it harder for the group to obtain information.