Russian Windows pirate group WZOR disappears from the web

The Russian pirate group WZOR, known for leaking early versions of Windows, has disappeared from the internet. The Twitter account and website which the group used to post new announcements have been deleted. It seems the site hasn’t been shut down by authorities, also the domain doesn’t appears to have been seized.

The WZOR domain pointed to a LiveJournal Blog which now says it’s been deleted. Twitter reports the  WzorNet account doesn’t exist but it’s not possible to register the name again.


The move might come since American authorities recently arrested a former Microsoft employee for leaking Microsoft software. While insiders tell us that the arrested man has nothing to do with WZOR, the event likely scared the group and made them decide to go underground again.

Besides WZOR, also Win8China and often leak Windows versions which indicates there are multiple sources within Microsoft or working at partners of Microsoft who leak the versions.